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Explore your potential career in cleaning with the roles below. To indicate interest in other roles, please send your resume to

1. Area Supervisor 

This position oversees and manages all cleaning related activities at various customer sites. He/ She will manage and monitor site cleaning duties, coordinate work activities and operations, including site inspection, sanitation, statutory compliance and on-site safety...

2. Operations Executive

​This position coordinates and supervises the activities of employees in the custodial program; trains and instructs employees in task, safety, policies and procedures; ensures custodial services meet the needs of the site...

3. General Cleaner

This position conducts floor care (vacuuming, mopping, carpet spotting), surface care (dusting, sanitizing, glass/mirror/window cleaning, metal/wood polishing, clean blinds and draperies)...

4. Tabletop Cleaner

This position is responsible for job tasks that may be assigned as needed to help support work orders, special projects and co-worker coverage. They keep assigned areas in labs, conference rooms, kitchenettes, stairwells and hallways in a clean and orderly condition...

5. Dishwasher

This position collects used kitchenware from dining and kitchen areas, load and unload dishwashing machines, wash specific items by hand (e.g., wooden cutting boards, large pots...

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